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The Best of One Another...

This new feature is an opportunity to profile our neighbors who live in Barrington Trace.  We will feature individuals who volunteer to share their story with neighbors and especially our young people.  Everyone has a story to tell and by telling your story we get to know the best of one another and provide opportunities for our young people to know who lives in their neighborhood.  


 If you are interested in participating and sharing your profile, please notify Becky Goldsboro at or call her at (914) 522-5004.  

For your profile, consider responding to the following questions.

  1. Name

  2. Photograph

  3. Place of Birth

  4. Describe early life and family life

  5. Interesting facts about your life you want to share

  6. Educational Achievements

  7. Notable Awards

  8. Professional/Work contributions to profession

  9. Message to Young People

  10. Other information you want to share.


Contact Becky Goldsboro, Social Committee Chair

(914) 522-5004

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