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Barrington Trace

Property Owners Association

Barrington Trace
Property Owners Association

Quality Community Living

Our community offers tennis and basketball courts, a playground for children and a swimming pool.  In addition we have a lovely clubhouse that is available for residents and community events. Established in 2002, Barrington Trace has 165 beautiful homes and has one  vacant lot available for purchase in the community, along with showcasing homes and social events. We invite you to contact any of the board members or committee chairs for additional information. Click on the Officers and Committee Chairs links to learn  about the volunteers who lead your Property Owners Association.

For additional information about the community and your individual property, we invite you to visit the Heritage Properties Vantaca portal.  Heritage Properties is the management company for our community.

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      Community Living at its Finest.

Reserve the Clubhouse

Swimming Pool

Welcome to the Barrington Trace Property Owners Association, an organization committed to serving the needs and interests of our community. Among our top priorities is the maintenance of our community's amenities, such as our beautiful pool. Our pool is open from DUSK TO DAWN and each resident is allowed to bring up to four (4) guests. For those who wish to reserve the pool, it is available for an additional fee of $150.00, but please note that other homeowners will also be able to enjoy the pool during the rental period.

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Rules for the Pool

1. The code to the bathroom is 21534.

2. Shower before entering the pool.

3. Pool hours are from DUSK TO DAWN. 

4. No life guard on duty, so swim at your own risk.

5 .Glass containers are not allowed in or around the pool area, basketball and tennis courts and the playground area.

6. No running or horse playing around the pool.

7. Please do not stand on the furniture.

8. If you move the furniture, please return it back to its original location. Note that the loungers have casters and roll if tilted. 

9. If you open an umbrella, please let it back down when you leave.

10. Children under the age of 13 must be accompanied by an adult.

11. If there are other residents using the pool, please refrain from playing music unless all parties agree and it's played at a low volume. Explicit, unedited music is prohibited.

12. Swim diapers are required for children not potty trained.

13 .Pick up all trash and ensure that you leave nothing behind (clothing, pool toys, etc.)

14.  Please do not bring pets to the pool, basketball, playground or tennis areas.

15. Don't leave anything behind, especially toys and clothing.

16. Smoking is prohibited in the pool, playground and basketball and tennis courts.

17.  Pets are not permitted inside the gates of the pool area and are not permitted in the pool.


Remember, this is OUR community. We're all empowered to pitch in, speak up, and help remedy situations that are detrimental or put our community or residents at risk. For instance, if you see anyone jumping any of the fences, contact a board or committee member.

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